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new app.


-Name: gina
-Age: 13
-Gender: female
-Birthday: 10-17-91
-Sexuality: straight
-Location: michigan
-Single/Taken(if taken please show pic): single
-What do you think of the mods: there soo of them is a member in my community..:)

-Color: pink
-Movies: mean girls, scary movie 2 & 3
-Song(s): candy shop, into u, n-e thing by jesse mccartney
-Bands/singers: jesse mccartney <33, jojo, yellowcard, greenday, eminem, 50 cent
-Store: pacsun, wal*mart :)
-Show: sweet 16

-Abortion: I dont agree with it because it was their choice to get pregnant and they dont deserve to get out the easy way by killing it. I only agree with it if they get raped
-Gay Marriages: It's their life and they can do w/e they wanna with it. I think they should marry who they love
-Drugs: This question makes me laugh. No, I dont support it. It's just ruining your body.
-Whos your role model or hero and why: My dad because he is the only one who has raised me by himself and loves me with all of his heart and I know he would do n-e thing for me just to save my life.

-Pepsi // coke: I don't know the difference
-Hilary // Lindsay: Neither. Sorry, I don't like them because I don't think they can sing. They should stay to acting.
-Summer // Winter: Summer <33. I love summer, Warm weather rocks!
-Light // Dark: Light.
-Computer // Phone: Computer.
-Jeans // Sweat pants: Jeans.

Promote us in at least 2 places:,

Post atleast 2 clear pictures of your self: sorry. I only got one.
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