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-Birthday:december,31st 1988
-Single/Taken(if taken please show pic):single ...
-What do you think of the mods:llol Im in love with Rachel ...lol haha shes my cousin...

-Movies:cruel intentions, old school ,napoleon dynamite,
-Song(s):lonely, karma (lloyd banks), candy shop , like that,a decade under the influence
-Bands/singers:eminem taking back sunday , matchbook romance ..stuff like that
-Show:one tree hill

-Abortion:i dont agree with it if it was preventable
-Gay Marriages:homosexual people should be able to get married , if everyone else can get married ,they shouldn't be denied that right
-Drugs:i dont do drugs, i dont think its a good thing , but either way people are always going to do drugs
-Whos your role model or hero and why:i would say my aunts (rachels ) boyfriend popeye , but being she did im going to pick my Aunt lu or my brother Justin, my aunt because she died of cancer a few years ago, but through her sickness she always stayed positive and help anyone she could. my brother because he has gone through things most people havent yet or never will in there lives, he pushes himself to be what he wants to be and succeed at whatever he is trying to do.

-Pepsi // coke:coke
-Hilary // Lindsay:hilary
-Summer // Winter:summer
-Light // Dark:dark
-Computer // Phone:phone
-Jeans // Sweat pants:jeans

Post atleast 2 clear pictures of your self



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