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-Age: 13
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: July 4th
-Sexuality: straight
-Location: Cali
-Single/Taken(if taken please show pic): single

-What do you think of the mods: i dont really know them but they seem cool.

-Movies: drop dead fred, chicago, dazed and confused, moulin rouge, the notebook,...
-Song(s): Lonely-Akon...Hold you down-Jlo....Hollaback girl- Gwen....Candy shop & disco inferno-50 somethin-britney....stuff like dat
-Bands/singers: britney, akon, gwen stephanie, 50 cent, eminem, kelly clarkson, evanesance, ..
-Store: Pac sun, urban outfitters, macys, ae, abercrombie, tillys, yeah
-Show: american idol, degrassi, fear factor, anythin really on MTV

Im against abortion unless a woman is raped. If shes raped, she has a right to get an abortion. BUT if she was not raped and just had sex for the fun of it and got pregnant then i dont think there is any excuse.  If she had unsafe-sex then she has to face the consequences of getting pregnant.
-Gay Marriages: alot of you might hate me for this but, im against gay marriage. I think its okay for gay people to be gay and be together but getting married. I mean come on...thats a lil bit over the top. Marriage is meant for a man and a woman, not two of the same sex. I have nothing agaisnt gay people, just the fact that they want to marry. They can be gay, i mean we cant stop them from being together but we can stop them from getting married. When the world started we had ADAM and EVE. not adam and adam or eve and eve. ...hmm i might get like rejected for this but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?
-Drugs: i think drugs are really bad. By doing drugs nothing comes out positive at all, NOTHING. By doing this your not only ruining your life, but the lives of the ones who love you most. When someone does drugs they dont realise the world around them and really they dont even know what they are doing, all they do is hang around their little druggie friends and they think they all got eachothers back. But when it comes to one of those druggies and they are in jail, is their druggie friends going to come visit them and help them out? no. The only ones they can count on is their families, the ones who they hurt the most. i could go on for hours but im tired. haha. i just know this from experience with my brother.
-Whos your role model or hero and why: My role model would have to my cousin. Ever since i was a young kid i always wanted to be just like her in every way. She was so cool and always was their for me until today. She is always there to help me with any problems i have, give me advice, help with homework, and just always be there whenever i need her. No matter was i do, i always know i can count on her to help me out.

-Pepsi // coke:
-Hilary // Lindsay: Lindsay
-Summer // Winter: Summer
-Light // Dark: Light
-Computer // Phone: Phone
-Jeans // Sweat pants: Jeans

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BLURRY>>>>SORRY!!! but im on teh RIGHT

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