Ashley*Babie (xo_chewy_ox) wrote in hot__n__sweet,

-Name: Ashley
-Age: 14
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: Feb. 12th
-Location: Michigan
-Single/Taken(if taken please show pic): Single
-What do you think of the mods: There Cool. They are in another community im in. The really nice.

-Color: yellow
-Movies: Drumline, Coach Carter, & The Notebook
-Song(s): Lots.. Why dont you kiss her, candy shop, some cut, & more.
-Bands/singers: 50 cent, Jesse McCartney, Ludacris, Jessica Simpson.
-Store: Aeropostale
-Show: Laguna Beach & Degrassi

-Abortion: It depends, but this is america and i feel everyone can make there on choices.
-Gay Marriages: You cant help it, you feel how you feel. Love is Love.
-Drugs: There not good. I would never take drugs, people who do need help or someone to talk to.
-Whos your role model or hero and why: Sister Jessica, because she is always there for me, shes a strong person, and makes good choices in life.

-Pepsi // coke: coke
-Hilary // Lindsay: Lindsay
-Summer // Winter: Summer
-Light // Dark: Light
-Computer // Phone: Phone
-Jeans // Sweat pants: Sweat Pants!

Promote us in at least 2 places

Post atleast 2 clear pictures of your self

<33 Ashley

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